Now You Can Monitor The Feeds Of Each List

With tools like Tweetdeck. Lists are an incredibly useful tool for managing your Twitter feed, once you start following more than a couple of accounts. Follow the playlists. Many people have already created Twitter lists on various topics. Try your competitors or influencers in your niche, check their lists. You can follow/subscribe to lists created by other Twitter accounts Search for hashtags. Many people on Twitter use hashtags to make it clear what their tweet is about. Not only can you use hashtags to join a chat, but you can also search for information using a hashtag.

You can do it to follow news or sporting events that usually have their own hashtag. Follow keywords or phrases. Not everyone on Twitter uses hashtags. And if they do, they may not use the hashtags you thought of. You can also search for keywords or phrases on Twitter and follow them on Tweetdeck. You can even combine such a keyword search with a placement. Example: “fitness geocode: 43.670906,‐79.393331,10mi” (for more information on Twitter search operators and advanced search, see our Twitter advanced search guide).

Get Insights With Surveys

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-21 um 20.21.03 Twitter has this great new feature to ask the Twitter community for feedback. Of course, it’s much easier to get a lot of people to vote if your audience is already large. But combined with a matching popular hashtag or within active chat polls, it can quickly give Bosnia and Herzegovina whatsapp number list  you an impression of what Twitter users think about your question. To illustrate this, I did a quick poll for this article, asking my Twitter followers why/how they use Twitter. And it’s no surprise that most of them don’t use it for marketing. As you can see, only 10% of my followers, or the people who responded to the survey in the last few hours, are on Twitter for the main purpose of marketing.

Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List

Many more are having fun or looking for information. Although today my primary purpose for using Twitter is to market our business and share our blog content, I continue to use Twitter in many other ways. And I’m not alone. Many of the influencers and people with large followings still use Twitter personally and take an active part in Twitter conversations. Not being active on Twitter means missing out on a great opportunity to join the conversation. And in addition to the interest I have in Twitter for my professional life, I also have a lot of fun in my private life on Twitter.

On Major Events Like Sports

Elections, or even catastrophes, I find Twitter to be one of the best and widest sources of news I can get. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways to use Twitter without trying to market anything. Feel free to tell us how you use Twitter in the comments below! Tools and tips on how to write the perfect blog post Published: 2016-02-19 The following is a guest post by Kenneth Waldman. Kenneth Waldman is a freelance writer and content creator. He is inspired by travel. Get in touch with him on Linkedin . What is your favorite blog? Do you have one that you read regularly?

Do you have a blog subscription so you can get notified every time your favorite writer publishes another brilliant article? You send the posts to your friends or share them on social networks? Have you ever told a family member that they should subscribe too? What’s so good about that blog? What is that person doing right that keeps you and many others coming back again and again for more articles? Creating an effective blog post is hard. There is a certain art form to it. Your favorite blogger knows the secrets. He needs to consider content, photos, SEO, and other little factors that you might not even notice when reading, but the writer has carefully planned for.

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