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Last week, I gave a presentation at a medium-sized consulting firm near Cleveland. It was a joy to Norway Phone Number see that all of their key marketing players were there, including their CEO. Our session ended with the question I’ve been asking myself lately: what if everything we know about marketing is wrong? After our discussion, we concluded that the worst thing that can happen by taking a strategic approach to content is that you will come away with a better understanding of why your business spends so much time creating content.

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Fan of Fluff – that ubiquitous marshmallow spread that has lent its gooey sweetness to butter sandwiches and other tasty treats around the world for the past 100 years. Norway Phone Number But after discovering this profile piece on the Skyword blog, he also gained a newfound respect for the Norway Phone Number company’s ability to create sticky content efforts. According to the company’s official history, H. Allen Durkee and Fred L. Mower purchased the recipe from its original owner and began making Fluff in 1920. The company ran reasonably well for years, but its marketing efforts reached a real (sugar) peak once it entered the golden age of radio.

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In every episode of the show, a fictional “Boston Scholar” named Lowell. Cabot Boswell mentioned that he had a very important book coming out. which listeners at the time believed to be historical. Norway Phone Number Commercials that interrupted programming. Fluff decided to create her own music and comedy variety show centered around three sisters. Called the Flufferettes. Also, in every episode of the Norway Phone Number show, a fictional “Boston Scholar” named Lowell. Cabot Boswell would mention that he had a very important book coming out. Which listeners at the time believed to be a historical text. However, it ended up being a cookbook Fluff. The Yummy Book – which featured recipes for cakes and other sweets made with Fluff and is still available today.

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