New Ways of Marketing

Every day new ways of marketing are used by companies. Change and innovation is taking place in the marketing and advertising industry. Video advertising is one of them, and it has become one of the preferred by companies when making the advertising investment budget. More and more is being invested in Internet ads and online videos have a good part of that investment. However, this type of advertising is not without problems. One of the most damaging issues for the brand is the issue that Internet users receive. Online videos together with ads that have the same duration as the same video. In order not to saturate. The user with advertising, in the following article we share some alternatives to help you with your strategy. Index of contents Product Placement: An Alternative Format How Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality will change things Conclution.

Product Placement : An alternative format If you don’t remember the term, product placement is an advertising strategy that consists of strategically placing commercial products in sequences of a movie or television series. It has been considered Morocco Phone Number one of the most effective advertising systems for the following reasons: examples of product placement frames Possibility of reaching large audiences. Credibility. Difference compared to the competition. High profitability. Production savings. They benefit the image of the brand thanks to the projection of leading actors and actresses.

Now the Change That Is Being Generated

The use of this strategy in content marketing , being present in videos. In addition, with the help of the development of artificial intelligence and augmented reality, they would make it possible to place products within the content, when the consumer is watching the video, and in a much more effective way; making the content never expire. How Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality will change things artificial intelligence on devices Cyber Radio Advertising will be more subtly and less obtrusively integrated into the plot and setting. An example would be the case of a waiter in the video, serving a brand of soft drink at a specific time, being that brand a campaign that fits the moment, and the person ends up buying that advertising insert.

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This could change the content, to go beyond just the appearance of the product in the content. The experience could be personalize so that the consumer sees in integrated advertising. Through artificial intelligence, what fits with the expectations of the moment or what motivates their consumption. Something similar to programmatic advertising (paying only for highly effective ads. Delivered to the right people at the right time), but applied to product placement. It is expecte that the content display on Smart TV will begin to show. This type of advertising, making it easier for marketers and companies for their marketing efforts. The brands preferred by many have worked hard on their strategies and on delivering experiences to their consumers.

They Have Achieved What Every Company

Aspires to be: the customer’s favorite brand. The brands included in this category have achieved this, thanks to the fact that they do not change. Although the competition strives to monopolize the consumer with a more seductive product, the person remains faithful, no matter what happens; This is achieve because the brand offers the consumer much more than just a product. This time we share some ideas of how you can aspire to this, and improve your company image and get customers loyal to your brand. Index of contents What is a lovemark? Nostalgia Tribe Mystery Legend What is a lovemark? A “lovemark” are brands, businesses and products for which the consumer feels a very deep emotional charge and one internalizes it in a more concrete as well as direct way.

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