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Throughout 2016, many major events took place around the world. From Brexit to the frenzy of the US election, to my beloved Idaho Vandal winning the famous Idaho Potato Bowl – 2016 has been a fascinating year. The SEO industry Bahrain Email List has also seen considerable changes. While Matt Katz’s absence in 2014 started Google’s trend of making fewer and fewer major announcements, there were still major advances in the search engine this year, along with many other important discoveries in the industry Links are still an important factor Bahrain Email List in determining organic search rankings, and 2016 seems to be starting to re-emphasize links.

Links are back in popularity, still the number one factor

Of course, Google is always tweaking their algorithms and adding new signals to improve search results. New factors like Rank Brain inspire SEO, and for some reason many in our industry are constantly looking for alternatives to Bahrain Email List linking (maybe because link building is so hard. However, Andrey, senior strategist for search quality at Google, made this clear when he made it clear that links and content are the top two factors in search rankings. In a Google Q&A, Andrei was asked what the top two ranking factors were, and he replied After Bahrain Email List much speculation about when an updated version of Penguin would arrive, Penguin 4.0 was officially released in late September 2016.

Penguin 4.0 is finally My list top here

Long lags between updates will surely destroy many Bahrain Email List businesses, and site owners may have to keep using the new site Thanks to the excellent research and transparency of SEOs like Glenn Gabe and Marie Haynes, we’ve also seen a positive impact from Penguin 4.0 in the form of recovery My list top stories Marie even published some Penguin 4.0 recovery case Bahrain Email List studies! The belated arrival of Penguin 4.0 is perhaps the most compelling SEO news of 2016

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