My Biggest Pride This Year Has Been My Own Column at Entrepreneur

We built a site matrix (if you will) listing every main page, prioritized them on keywords/what we want to rank and then mapped them to Netherlands WhatsApp Number List other relevant pages under the assumption “If I’m a user interested in this, would I also be interested in this?” We did it for the blog too, linking to key pages as well as other blog posts. That was a beast. Once we figured Biggest Pride Year out how the pages should be interlinked, Netherlands WhatsApp Number List we updated them on the front end. We checked any redirects and canonical, and most importantly we updated the sitemap accordingly. The XML sitemap included a ton of links that were actually getting redirected,

Interacting With Others Biggest Pride Year at the Meetups

That’s when you know so many people, mingle, work and interact so much that you come across many more opportunities than you’d have Netherlands WhatsApp Number List even thought of otherwise. That’s exactly what happened to me: I’ve met an interesting person who I invited to be our Twitter chat guest. While getting ready to the chat I’ve come across that person’s columns and thought to myself “why don’t I?” As Netherlands WhatsApp Number List a result, I got a new cool asset to contribute to which helps me build both my writing portfolio and my personal brand! And yes, links underway. I mentioned in my SES NY presentation and others since, the way I have generated links (and traffic) to my site is through building relationships. 

Netherlands WhatsApp Number List

Therefore when I share posts from my site on Facebook and Twitter, I am able to generate some traffic, FB likes and Tweets without using paid media. For example, the day of sharing one of my posts on Facebook where I Netherlands WhatsApp Number List interviewed two entrepreneurs, I saw large spike in traffic to my blog. The visits for that week were 90% higher than they were the previous week. Nearly 40% of that was direct and 37% from Facebook. Email activity directly impacts traffic and social. In my email to my 1,400+ members of Search London two Netherlands WhatsApp Number List days after my meetup, I saw a spike in traffic to my blog. Traffic that week compared to the previous was up 40%.

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