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In Distilled’s creative team, try to check any of our ideas against the principles of sticky ideas described in “Stay On” (Simple, Unexpected, Believable, Specific, Emotional, Storytelling). So how does this idea differ from these 6 principles? Simple – absolutely up to the mark. How many songs can an South Africa WhatsApp Number List play? How many records have the same number of songs? Unexpected – we’re not so sure about this one. It should never surprise anyone to Biggest Personal Link know that an iPod can hold a lot of songs, and that it takes a lot of vinyl records to hold the same number of songs. However, seeing exactly how many records are required may still be a bit new (or unexpected), as is this novel visualization.

Surprise Enough? Creative Work Is Always Risky

 That said, I’d say the idea only partially ticked the box, but that’s okay — we’re aware of it (though it does make us a little nervous — it’s one of the bigger unknowns in the work). Trusted – Counting songs and records is easy. We had to use several averages (song length and number of songs on the album), but Biggest Personal Link overall I don’t think anyone would challenge the tune’s credibility too much. Concrete – South Africa WhatsApp Number List Absolutely. This is an important part of this piece. 160GB is pretty abstract, as is 40,000 songs. You can’t really understand South Africa WhatsApp Number List what that means. We turned these abstract numbers into something more concrete – a whole bunch of records.

South Africa WhatsApp Number List

Emotional – this one is not so neat. We know people are passionate about vinyl records, and we know they are passionate about Apple products, but does anyone care about the iPod? Nowadays, many people listen to music on their mobile phones. So there are some question marks as to whether this piece will hit South Africa WhatsApp Number List the emotional button. That said, I think for an online piece like this, it’s probably just a question of whether it’s interesting or interesting enough for a few seconds to be worth sharing with others. Storytelling – Sometimes the meaning of the stories we say can be rather vague. But essentially, this article tells us that an iPod can hold up to 3,180 records of songs. It’s not breaking news, and it probably won’t be told around many campfires, but at a basic level, yes, it tells a story. It’s a risk, and we know it’s a very simple idea. Will people care about this piece? 

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