Mistakes to Avoid in Your Digital Strategy

The mistakes to avoid in a digital strategy represent the card that. We need to visualize to reduce possible negative effects. On the Internet, statistics are constantly changing thanks to two main factors.  A more digitally educated consumer and b) changes in the algorithm of search engines and Social Networks. We are always getting to know our clients, updating their preferences based on our strategies and knowing. How to identify errors increases the chances of success. On this occasion we share some essential errors that. If they are so obvious, sometimes we let them go by. Index of contents Mistakes to avoid in your digital strategy Not knowing your Buyer Persona 2.

Sell what “we” like and not what “they” are looking for 3. Have a slow website 4. Not using SEO Internal positioning consists of: External positioning: Conclution: Mistakes to avoid in your digital strategy 1. Not knowing your Buyer Persona BuyerJourney Lebanon Phone Number Surely you have read it on other occasions, but this is where elements such as colors, design, type of content and even the tone of the conversation and the words that will be used in the campaign should start. We forget that market research is a current issue. Thanks to the internet we can get to know the client thanks to Facebook groups, comments on influencer profiles and statistics from previous campaigns .

Avoid Sometimes, the Mistakes

In addition, there are comments – and complaints – from our own consumers that will allow us to answer several questions: In addition to your demographic profile, what is your personality? How old are them? What occupation and positions do they have? What social networks is your audience on? Your buying behavior? When do you buy? Where do you buy? Why do you buy it? What interests and hobbies do they have? What is that they call “success” when buying a product like yours? The feeling that we can appeal to when they buy your brand.

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Sell what “we” like and not what “they” are looking for mistakes-to-avoid Sometimes, the mistakes to avoid are in the simplest actions if we listen to the needs of customers. Maybe they’re just looking for faster service, maybe it’s the customization that makes the difference, or the color in a package. In any case, knowing our client’s profile better will allow us to focus on what they are looking for and not what we, as a team, hope will work. Marketing gurus are very insistent on always keeping in mind that it’s not about “us” , on the contrary, it’s all about them.

In Addition to Having a Clear Profile

Of the buyer person, creating A/B tests (try various options/formats whenever possible and choose the one that most interests your audience), analyze the competition (what type of content and products works for them) , and even looking at consumer reviews on Amazon can be very helpful in this regard. 3. Have a slow website Time is a value for which we can pay money if we try to save it. In digital marketing, the difference between winning or losing a customer is measured in seconds. The load time of a web page refers to how long it takes to download and display all its content in the browser. That is, how long it takes from when you enter the URL until all the elements of the page appear on the screen.

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