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Maybe it is because he is tired of running around. Ma yun’s face is full of tiredness, but this does not affect. The wonderful performance of this Qatar Phone Number big dreamer on the stage. Brings 9 experiences to young people in hong kong: 1. If you dare to start a business, don’t worry about your knowledge. Everyone must know a Qatar Phone Number little about jack ma’s past before he became famous. I got 1 point in the math test, but i didn’t pass. The key points of the junior high school test three times. I went to the university of hangzhou, which was a 4th-tier teacher at that time.

In the Interview Qatar Phone Number

With kfc, 24 people submitted Qatar Phone Number their resumes. But i was not included; in the interview with the police. 4 people were accepted, but i was not included. When i first started my business, i called 24 friends and talked for 2 hours. Saying that i wanted to do the internet, but no one could understand Qatar Phone Number was talking about. 23 objected, 1 said try. Later, the 18 shareholders of ali, everyone gathered together 500,000 and started. At first, they only thought about being able to live for a year, but the result became bigger and bigger, until now they went public in the united states. It is so unpopular, that it is almost impossible to succeed in the eyes of others.

But He Has Succeeded Qatar Phone Number

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Said that if he can succeed, then 80% of people Qatar Phone Number in china can succeed. Because they have no resources, no knowledge, and are not favored by others. Therefore, since you want to choose to start a business. You don’t have to Qatar Phone Number care about your knowledge, because the success or failure of entrepreneurship does not depend on knowledge. The key lies in whether you dare to take the first step. “people who are good at reading rarely think of starting a business. People who are bad at reading will start a business. But if you are born with talent, you must be useful.

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