Marketing for Back to School: How to Fine-tune to Continue

If you ask anyone with school-age children what they think will happen in the next few weeks, you will most likely come to the same conclusions and receive the same answers. They are not clear and the only thing they take for granted is that the future is full of uncertainty. The theory, or at least the general plans, speak of opening schools and returning to the classroom. However, everyone still seems to be a bit confused as to how that will be done (or outright critical of the process) and what will happen in the next few weeks. The return to school, an unquestionable classic of the month of September, is being, like everything in the year of the coronavirus, complex and not easy to predict.

A 70% Drop in Back-to-school Advertising the Us Market

The us market, which has gone back to school before. Can serve as an example to understand how this has been a strange time for brands. As they explain in a kantar analysis, back to school is usually. One of the times with the Estonia WhatsApp Number List highest advertising spending of the year. This has not been. Ad spend has plummeted: brands have spent 70% less on ads than last year. On television alone. The number of large retailers that have advertised using back to school as a hook has increased from 100 in 2019 to 6 in 2020.

The Typical Ad Has to Make an Emotional Connection With the Consumer

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The typical ad has to make an emotional connection with the consumer. Sell back-to-school products, but do so by making the ‘strange’ context more or less clear. After all, as they point out in another kantar analysis based on the same market. Marketers must be clear about certain points about going back to school that mark consumer decisions. The first is that, whichever way you look at it, the situation is uncomfortable and complicated. Only 13% of consumers acknowledge that they feel comfortable with. The idea of ​​sending their children to school as soon as possible. For others, everything is very complicated.

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