Marketing Challenges for Brands in the Digital Age

As companies evolve and grow, they face new marketing challenges, which demand new techniques, strategies and all the necessary tools to stay in the market. At WOM we know the importance of the evolution of companies in the new digital era, and we want you to be well prepared to face the new challenges that are emerging for brands. Today we want to help you and we share with you 4 challenges that companies must currently face regarding digital marketing. Index of contents 1) Connect with the target audience 2) Domain of digital marketing.

Generate experiences 4) Marketing automation Conclution. Connect with the target audience target audiences ESAN In order to identify. Our target audience and be able to connect in the best way with them, we must determine. Age range USA Phone Number scopes purchasing power Interests and needs. All this is summed up in defining our buyer person. Once we know how to speak correctly to our audience, we will have covered the most important part of creative and professional responsibility. Domain of digital marketing Electronic media have increased their reach and influence. And in the next two years they will represent the largest part of advertising investment .

In Order to Be a Benchmark in Our Business

Only advertising banners are enough , but also knowing the different ways to maintain an active presence in digital media. It depends on the audience, the business objective and the sector of activity. In order to grow our domain in the area, it is important to support ourselves with everything within our reach: digital video, storytelling, blogging, social media, etc. All these efforts will lead to better engagement with people and thus be able to increase our dominance in the area.

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How do you deliver those special experiences? Actions like flash mob , for example, tend to draw attention and fix it on the brands that organize them. There are also other actions. 4) Marketing automation automation infaimon Today’s consumers are looking for products and services that offer them personalized benefits. Not only that, but also promotional actions in which they are the participants. In to further personalize our with the consumer, better thought-out can be offer. For example, on the web, thanks to the analysis and processing of Big Data , it is possible to determine what works best for our audience, what content they prefer, among other data.

These Types of Actions Can Be Observed

The searches that consumers do when they want to satisfy their needs. And this is what SEO and SEM favor us for. Brands can no longer sell with traditional monologues . Now, consumers have a voice and a vote. They to , at the right time and place for them. That is why we have to take advantage of Geomarketing to locate and listen to them. is “any application, campaign or service that uses geographic location to deliver or optimize a message” . The idea is to locate them on a digital map, with data and symbols that clarify the behavior of the market. In this way, particular campaigns can be , according to the of a certain region, in real time .

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