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This influencer or expert content strategy is becoming more and more common. Malta Phone Number My team used it for an episode of our Write podcast interviewing conversion writing expert Joanna Wiebe. One of the quotes from the transcribed interview was featured as a backlink in Crazy Egg’s Guide to Copywriting Conversion. Malta Phone Number The best part? The phrase for the backlink was “describe conversion copywriting”. Therefore, when searchers use the phrase “describe conversion copywriting,” our podcast interview ranks third, and content that incorporates its backlink ranks first.

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Authority link, the interview generated 12 other links. That’s the power of an interview with an industry expert. 3. Malta Phone Number Create custom infographics Visuals have long been an important part of creating engaging content. But you may not know about their power to earn links. Malta Phone Number For example, take a look at this infographic from Search Engine Land outlining SEO success factors: SEO success factors This visual, which has its own page on the Search Engine Land site, has gained over 4,000 links and generated over 30,000 social shares. Infographics can be a great way to earn backlinks, says JuliaEMcCoy.

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The table appears in the Google answer box. Malta Phone Number RELATED CONTENT ON HAND: 7 Principles for Creating Great Infographics4. Participate in collaborative content marketing Collaborative content is a way to combine the expertise of other influencers in your field to Malta Phone Numbers to create amazing content. Not only does collaboration save time and resources, but it has much more potential for gaining social links and shares because your collaborators have their own audiences and platforms. Let’s look at Robbie Richards’ article where he asks 143 experts to list their top three SEO tools.

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