Making Yourself Publicly Visible Is The Equivalent

Of walking out your door. Just because you’re walking around a big city without hiding in your apartment doesn’t mean no one will see you . If you want to be noticed, you have to take many more steps. If you start to approach blogging in 2016 as an activity to become a success for yourself, you will start to approach blogging as a business. Because a business is something that has the sole objective of being profitable . Profitable does not have to mean that success has to be monetary. Maybe all you want is an audience, or to be respected by an audience.

Maybe you’re posting poems on your blog, and the only return on investment (ROI, business jargon) you want is for someone to say, Wow, great poems. But to pull it off, you still need to think of blogging in 2016 as a business! Blogging in 2016 – Website3. Stop thinking of your blog as a website! A blog is a website, right? Incorrect. No longer. A blog is a brand, and an idea! If you want an analogy, a blog is a website as much as a book is something with printed pages that is sold in a physical store. Just as a book these days can be something that exists purely electronically like an ebook (and you’ll never see a physical store in your life), a blog has also become more than it once meant.

A Blog Today Is More Of An Idea

Than a website (with or without WordPress). Take a look at the New York Times: Is the New York Times still a physical newspaper? Yes. But it is also much more. it’s a website. It’s mobile apps. They are social profiles. And so. The same applies to your blog, and when you begin to grasp this idea, you’ll expand your reach tremendously! So what is this idea made of? The answer to France whatsapp number list that takes me a bit back to #1: The idea of ​​a blog is that you’re posting. And publishing doesn’t just mean publishing on the web. Publishing means that you publish content under your brand, wherever it makes sense for you to publish.

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The first and perhaps the most important extension of your blog posting activity is your RSS feed. But it goes much further than that. Check out new services like Apple News. Did you know that you can have your own application for your blog with Blappsta? All these are extensions of your brand, of your blog. And you can and should use them! Your Twitter account (and all other social media accounts) is also just as much a part of your brand (and therefore your blog) as your website. The importance of this is that when you start to think of your blog as the general brand from which you publish your content.

You Are Starting To Think Big

And when you’re blogging in 2016, you need to think big in order to succeed! Blogging isn’t new anymore, and you’re competing in the crowded publishing industry… but that brings us to the next point on this list… Blogging in 2016 – Not New4. Stop thinking of blogging in 2016 as something new and cool. This might be the most important thing on this list. Once again: it’s 2016, and blogging isn’t cool anymore! Blogging in 2016 is no longer something new. It’s not even different anymore. Blogging has been around since the late 90s. It got interesting in the early 2000s. It was hyped in the late 2000s – if you’re blogging today, it’s just one of many.

Which is fine, but don’t expect flowers or medals just because you’re a blogger. That doesn’t mean the blogging revolution is over, but to be cool, innovative, and new, you need to do more than just be able to install WordPress on your site. The content distribution market is very, very crowded. Accept it, and if you want to go down that path anyway, embrace it.Blogging in 2016? You shouldn’t try to achieve success with the same approach you would have in 2006. Here are some ideas for you! blogging tips, blogging strategy, blog marketing Act accordingly and ask yourself how you can find new and cool things within that market. Because if that is your focus, a gift awaits you: you will succeed!

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