Major Trends in the Beauty Shopping Journey Sector Has Very Rarely

The beauty sector has very rarely been the subject of studies and surveys. The Luxembourg Phone Number List marketing research company kantar has therefore looked into the question by. Conducting a major study on the beauty buying journey of consumers. Kantar more specifically studied the path to purchase and the sources of beauty influence in france for the skincare. Haircare and make-up categories. The Luxembourg Phone Number List study highlights trends related to new uses by consumers. The buying process alternates between offline and online. For brands, the challenge is therefore to multiply the points of contact and to succeed in creating. A synergy between each of them to create an omnichannel experience. You are aware that digital is now one of the channels that a brand can use to get in touch with its customers.

From Discovery to Purchase an Omnichannel Journey the Study

Before the explosion of the internet, the buying journey in the beauty industry was simple. The motivation to buy was triggered by a need or by traditional advertising, ie the press. Television commercials, outdoor advertising or even in-store promotion. Consumers then went to the store to scout, learn, get advice and buy. This sector has long been spared by e-commerce. It must be said that until now. Consumers Luxembourg Phone number had this need to touch and feel beauty products, to be aware of colors. Etc. But the boom of the internet and social networks has finally affected this sector. Now driven by the new generation of consumers who are the millennials.

Online Information Sources Used to Research Beauty Inspiration

Digital is a source of inspiration for the new generation of consumers. It is from their smartphone that they are inspired by Youtubers or Instagram and Snapchat influencers. According to the study, among French consumers surveyed, 87% of them prefer to find inspiration online to find new beauty products. However, another study proposed by Lagardère Publicité shows that consumers still prefer the Luxembourg Phone Number List press to discover the latest trends in the fashion and beauty sector. We note, however, that Millennials still turn much more to digital than older generations.

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