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If you have a story, try adding sound to it or using a mental image to illustrate a point. All of this reinforces your message. Firstly In one of my talks, I explain the concept of cognitive dissonance. Firstly Luxembourg Phone Number I use a recording of a Mozart piece called A Musical Joke, which is written to be dissonant at the end. It’s a way of emphasizing that others can hear when something is wrong, even if they can’t quite explain why. And by the way, there is a black screen when I do this. Why? Because I want people to listen. Luxembourg Phone Number In presentations, try to create an experience to communicate a particular point. Firstly Sometimes it will be a full multimedia extravaganza. Sometimes it will be lights and sound. Sometimes it’s just the human voice telling a story.

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Great presenters find a way to mix and match – whether it’s through a demonstration, using a whiteboard, playing a video clip, etc. Luxembourg Phone Number If I’m talking about TEDx lessons or demonstrating what works well, I use a short clip from an excellent TED to Luxembourg Phone Number to explain how to use a paper towel. I’m going to take four and a half minutes from my own presentation and dedicate it to this video because there’s no better way for me to make this point. Posting videos, by the way, if they’re short enough, also resets people’s ability to pay attention. Firstly It changes the format.

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People are afraid of the Luxembourg Phone Number physical reaction they get on stage. Most people have a physical reaction, which is normal. Most of the stage fright is linked to these initial moments. Firstly We are beasts of burden. We are not designed to have all eyes on us. It’s a really uncomfortable feeling. Stage fright has two main causes. First, people fear the Luxembourg Phone Number’s physical manifestations of nervousness. Sweating, shaking, flushing and a knotted stomach are all normal reactions to stage fright, but those most paralyzed with fear worry that these reactions are not normal. True, debilitating stage fright stems from not understanding that this reaction is normal.

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