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With a handful of followers, growing very slowly. 500 followers on my account is not a lot, and it shows one thing: I still had no idea how to get followers on Twitter. And it is not enough for a real impact. So: How did I grow my Twitter account to over 200k followers? Content and guest posts to grow on Twitter We started to dedicate ourselves to content marketing. That was the first step towards success on Twitter. Because on Twitter, you need content to be successful. Twitter and content are a perfect match in marketing heaven. Without content, you have nothing to tweet about, you have nothing to add value with. You can curate content to grow your account, but you can’t be successful in marketing without your content.

In addition to publishing content on our site (the exploreB2B publishing platform), we write guest posts and I learned how to use author bios for Twitter growth. Some of my most successful guest posts helped me gain a few hundred new followers for my Twitter account. Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG But that still wasn’t the solution to our marketing problems.

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Jonathan discovered the way some of the most famous social media influencers used (and some still use) to grow their Twitter account. It’s called the follow and unfollow algorithm. At first glance, this routine sounds pretty simple: you follow the people you want to follow you, some of them Greece whatsapp number list  will follow you. You unfollow those who do not follow you and repeat the process. The secret to success with the follow and unfollow routine lies in the targeting. The better you target your followers, the more people will follow you, and the more of your new followers will be interested in and interact with your content. There is much more you can do on Twitter to grow: Conversations are a great way to connect.

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Twitter is the place where you can talk to almost everyone, from influencers to newbies. Using these possibilities will help you gain a following, but it can also give you guest posting opportunities, interview partners, business associates, or even clients. Do you think that Twitter is not so important for marketing? You’re right: Twitter may not necessarily be the most important marketing channel. But Twitter has tremendous marketing power. Back when we were building exploreB2B, we were looking for two things: traffic and new registrations for the platform.

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The great content posted on the platform. Getting subscriptions was a bit more complicated. In the end, something that many consider to be spam turned out to be the key to unlocking the publishing platform’s growth. We use direct messages to invite people to post on the platform. Direct messages can be a very efficient tool. But it takes more than a single sales message to be successful with direct messages. You need to test different messages, and you need to find out what your audience likes. For us, the simple message: “We invite you to publish on exploreB2B” proved to be very efficient. Apparently, many people on Twitter were looking for exactly that: a place to post their great content to find a larger audience.

The combination of a rapidly growing Twitter account and an automated direct message sent to each new follower set us on the path to success with exploreB2B. We even found a way to scale this method. Finding success too late and facing failure In the end, it took us too long to realize all this. We had taken too long to achieve platform growth. We had to face defeat. Closing the platform was inevitable. It didn’t have to be this way if we had known what we know about Twitter now when we started. If we had found our way to growth on Twitter and with our business faster, we probably wouldn’t have had to give it all up.

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