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That said, visuals can add incredibly powerful mnemonics and memory devices to the things you say if used correctly. When there’s a slide for every point you make or a visual for every idea, it’s the visual equivalent of speaking in monotone. Lithuania Phone Number The brain cannot process that point A is much more important than point B because visually they are weighted equally. Lithuania Phone Number For less important points, don’t address them visually or if you do, use text-only or something simple. For your main important points, address those with a full bleed or similar image. Whether you explain it or not, subconsciously your audience will realize that was a big point.

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Also: use your visuals in an attractive way. Tim Riesterer talks about whiteboarding and flip-charting – and more specifically real-time drawing. It’s more concrete and gives you immediate authority because you’re not just relying on slides. It has to be in your head to drive it. Lithuania Phone Number Also, people engage more mentally and intellectually because they start trying to guess where they’re going. They try to complete what you say in their head. Lithuania Phone Number  I used to work for a company called Oratium and we talked a lot about the power of neural networks. The concept is that you take the same idea and plant it in multiple parts of the brain at the same time.

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If I tell you, right now, imagine a pink elephant with a scary clown on its back juggling sharks… you get an image in your head. Lithuania Phone Number You’ve never seen that combination of things, I hope, in your life. Yet, as soon as I start telling you a story, you can see it. A co-worker recounts how he returned from a weekend getaway to find his college roommate had disassembled the clothes dryer in the driveway. He tells the story because it relates to a point he is trying to make. Lithuania Phone Number Everyone who listens to this story imagines the dryer disassembled. You just do. That’s part of why storytelling is so powerful.


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