Linkedin Finally Emojis Reactions Under the Publications

Like Facebook, LinkedIn has just announced the implementation of reactions under posts. Until now, you could only like the publications by clicking on the “Like” button symbolized by a raised thumb. From now on, users will be able to Ukraine Phone Number List react and express themselves in different ways thanks to reactions. Is this new feature a real added value on the social network? Isn’t she coming too late? Your social media specialist agency will tell you more. What are LinkedIn’s reactions like? LinkedIn reactions visual To the traditional “Like”, will be added four new reactions. These are different from Facebook reactions. Indeed, where Facebook offers “I love”, “Haha”, “Wow”, “Sad” and “Grrr”, LinkedIn wants its reactions to be constructive.

What Are Linkedin’s Reactions Like to the Traditional

Thus, users will be able to: Celebrate an announcement, accomplishment, achievement, event, new job, promotion, etc.; Love a post; Show their appreciation for a relevant, inspiring or innovative idea with the Insightful reaction; Show their Ukraine Phone number interest and curiosity about a particular topic with the Curious reaction. To select a reaction, it is necessary, as on Facebook, to click on “Like” and hold the button pressed to display all the reactions from a mobile. On a computer, you simply have to place the cursor over the “Like” icon so that they all appear. How do I view reactions on LinkedIn? What do you think of these new reactions? A way to generate engagement The reactions allow to diversify the mechanics of interaction with the publications.

What Do You Think of These New Reactions

The fun side will certainly encourage users to react more. It can also have the effect of favoring your most engaging posts in the LinkedIn News Feed. If the latter works like facebook, it’s a safe bet that posts with a Ukraine Phone Number List high rate of reactions. Will appear more at the top of the news feed. This is in any case what facebook does by favoring. The rate of reactions to the rate of likes because the reactions take a little longer to do than to simply like. Late deployment? LinkedIn reactions may be coming a little late. It cannot be said that LinkedIn has shone in the race for innovation in which Ukraine Phone Number List social networks participate. Reactions are the perfect example.

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