Link Building Goals: Relevant, Targeted Traffic

If you plan to invest in link building, you need a clear goal. Indeed, all websites need links. But link building campaigns need a guiding goal that goes beyond the link itself Traffic means more eyeballs on your website, an Albania Email List opportunity to grow your audience, convert your audience into customers, and build a loyal fan base. You need to be able to explain Defining your specific goals should start with an opportunity analysis. What can you reasonably hope to accomplish? What opportunities exist in your niche? Analyzing your Building Goals Relevant current performance, the resources you have, and developing a plan for improvement is how you develop your link building strategy Where you start your strategic pre-research and analysis should be based on the website and your understanding of it.

Research and Analysis Where Building Goals Relevant to Start

There is no discernible order All research should inform further analysis, which means you should start with what is most important to the site you are analyzing, then continue your research and analysis based on your findings. Start where it makes sense for your own goals. If you think there is something Albania Email List wrong with your backlink profile, Start there. It’s also a good place to start if you don’t know the keywords that drive traffic to your site, or that are important to your industry. To create a customized, realistic link building campaign Albania Email List strategy, you need to conduct a thorough analysis to determine Building Goals Relevant your goals, resources, and opportunities.

Identifying Linkable Pages

In this example, let’s start with a linkable asset analysis so we can discuss the importance of linkable assets in link building campaigns  If targeted, relevant traffic is your link building goal, where do you point your protected links? Which pages should you build qualified search traffic for with a strategic Albania Email List linking campaign? Most people want to jump straight to their conversion page, the one that drives revenue directly. Let’s build these links! Wouldn’t it be great to rank our product pages and see search visibility for those pages grow? As stated in many other SEO tactics pages, the truth of link building is that you need Albania Email List a compelling reason for another site to link to a page on your site. It needs to be valuable to them and their audience.

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