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Influencers used to grow their audience and get reliable traffic from social media with “The Social Traffic Code.” traffic code 3. Use other people’s audiences And brand yourself as a knowledgeable person in your niche. Guest blogging is a good way to do this. By writing articles for established blogs in your target niche, you can get in front of an existing audience. You can also mention the product you are working on in the author bio and build some buzz while you are still developing your product. Start a blog (and content marketing) No, your blog is not only a place to talk about your product, but it is also a place to offer value to your target audience.

If you are creating a product, you need to be an expert in the niche you are addressing. Create content with the perspective and knowledge you have and post it on your blog. The best time to start building an audience is when you decide to become an entrepreneur, founder, start a company, or need to market a product. While other people’s content can help you grow your audience, your own content can establish you as an expert, helpful and valuable person. Branding yourself will help you gain interest in everything you do, including launching a new product. Connect with influencers in your target market By connecting with influencers in your niche, some of your shine can rub off on you.

The Best Way To Connect

Always in person. Networking events are a great place to start. But there are many more ways to do it, that don’t require you and your influencers to be in the same city or country. Why not interview some influencers for your blog? Or ask them for brief statements on a current hot topic in your India whatsapp number list  niche and compile different opinions from influencers. Most influencers are still honored to answer interview questions. With interviews, you recognize their influence and can establish a first connection. And at the same time you get valuable and unique content for your blog.

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Combine all of the above The best results and fastest growing audience you will see if you connect the dots between the above methods of building an audience: Use the author bio of your guest posts to mention your email list building giveaway Share the interviews with influencers on your social channels and mention influencers’ social media accounts; they are likely to share your content Ask influencers you’ve already interviewed if they’d be interested in a guest post from you Use your blog posts on your social channels, this will help you grow channels and increase your blog audience.

Send Blog Posts

To your email subscribers, if your content is useful they will like it Mention your social channels in your email signature And all the time while building your audience, you can go to them for feedback on your product development, some of them might be willing to try it out beforehand. And when your product is finally ready for launch, you don’t just have an audience you can talk about your product to. Plus, your audience already knows who you are, and if you’ve done your audience building right, they’ll trust you a lot more, as if they were hearing about you for the first time. There’s also a new way to build an audience that wasn’t on my radar when I wrote this article: website push notifications.

Update Scheduling: 6 Tools That Keep Your Accounts Active While You’re Not Published: 2016-01-06 During the holidays, many social media accounts are silent or at least only very sporadically active. This is not necessary if you use tools to schedule updates on social networks. Timing often makes the difference between being on social media and being successful with social media marketing. Here are 6 tools to help you keep your social media accounts busy. Why scheduling updates for Social Media is good It’s not just the holidays that call for scheduling tools.

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