Lead Generation or Brand Recall?

Reconciling the budgets of the Marketing and Sales departments is not always easy. Sales, of course, has the goal of selling more and exceeding short-term goals. They are generally not worried about the sales that may be generated in 8, 12 or 15 months. Instead, the Marketing team can generate strategies that are related to brand building, whose positive effects will be reflect in the medium term. Is there a common space where both teams can develop their strategies? Furthermore, how to distribute the budgets in such a way that both teams can achieve their goals? On this occasion we analyze both topics to find common points and share them with our teams.

Index of contents Lead Generation Brand Awareness Conclution Lead Generation In Digital Marketing we can talk about different ways to generate traffic to our different platforms; attract visitors, make them stay longer to generate curiosity and Senegal Phone Number convert that visitor into a prospect; nurture the relationship with relevant information and accompany you through the entire process to, when ready, let the sales department make the corresponding contact. generation-prospectsThe techniques used in each part of the process will depend a lot on factors such as: The user experience with our website: that is why it is so important to consider a responsive design and that the speed with which it loads is correct. The platforms where our prospects spend the most time.

Design a Content Strategy

For Social Networks that reflects the personality of the brand. The correct creation of a landing page Establish the periods of time in which the prospects will receive our information. It is very important not to saturate the users who visit us and always think as they think: as consumers. What problem do they hope to solve if they visit our website? In what part of the process are they if they decide to follow us or interact with our brand on Social Networks? A study carried out by Hubspot on B2B and B2C companies can help us visualize the distribution of the budget in Lead Generation issues.

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Generation-prospects Source: Hubspot Brand Awareness The line that divides Lead Generation vs. Brand Recall is very fine: in the end, both strategies complement each other and allow the trust that our brand is gaining among users to have a positive impact. Brand Awareness is the knowledge that consumers have of a brand, the associations they make with it and the ability to identify it, and it is one of the most important assets of a company. Building a brand involves creating campaigns that can even last for months. As we mentioned at the beginning, the results can be reflected in the long term, but the guarantee of having loyal customers who recommend our brand is much greater.

When They Have Had a Positive

Ephemeral content or fast content (Facebook Stories; Instagram Stories). Video Marketing : Not only the one that is produced but also Live Video or Streaming . Content generated by the users themselves: Photos, videos when they have had a positive experience. “Behind the scenes” content : that shows a brand and even with funny moments. Personal stories that allow customers to identify with the brand on an emotional level. Product reviews by micro-influencers. Facebook Live Two points to consider when designing a Brand Awareness campaign : As consumers, we live in a time when we are looking for brands that appear authentic, that build trust by showing something more personal than just a logo looking for your credit card. Real and personalize content is what will connect with emotions and make a difference in the mind of the consumer.

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