large factories willing to invest in industrial upgrading are the first choice for dairy farmers cooperation In the store, there are fresh milk from single pastures and fresh milk from big brands

Raw milk needs to go  many levels of inspection. Sterilization. Filling and so on before itmade into fresh milk. Among them, from dairy farmers to large fresh milk factories. A lot of manpower and material resources.  Required to finally deliver delicious fresh milk to consumers. The fresh milk factory. Never told you about the fresh milk production process. We report it to you once. How do dairy farmers choose cooperative fresh milk factories.


Careful checks are made at every level

And large factories willing to invest in .Industrial Nepal Phone Number upgrading are the first choice for dairy .Farmers cooperation In the store. There are fresh milk from single .Pastures and fresh milk from big brands. No matter what form of sales. Dairy farmers want consumers to drink high-quality fresh milk. A dairy farmer who has cooperat with Ruisui Fresh Milk for decades said that Ruisui Fresh Milk continued to assist in industrial upgrading and introduced scientific cattle management, which made him feel most at ease to cooperate with Ruisui Fresh Milk. One of the keys to scientific cattle management is data management.


The DHI milk sampling and analysis

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Conducted by Ruisui Fresh Milk and the Animal Testing Institute is used to detect the health of the cattle. By personally assisting in interpreting the data, we can understand the health status of the cattle in the pasture and prevent the occurrence of diseases. Ruisui fresh milk veterinarian Wang Shichun pointed out that from the interpretation of the data to the epidemic prevention of cattle conditions, it is of great help to improve the quality of fresh milk. . Key Comments Network Milk sampling analysis can not only understand the quality of fresh milk, but also further test the health of cows In addition to data management, a professional team with many years of practical experience is also very important. The veterinarians and counselors of the Ruisui Fresh Milk Team will visit farms across Taiwan from time to time to observe the condition of each dairy cow. It’s like if a herd is standi  a break, you should  worri if its hooves  hurt. And look at the “rumen” area of ​​the cow’s body.

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