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If you want to build brand recognition by making sure your business represents itself consistently around the world, you can focus on design standards: what colors can be used on each country’s website, where the logo should appear, and what to consider when using these colors. and this logo on various channels mobile apps, social media, email campaigns, etc. Kuwait Phone Number If, on the other hand, you’re a small exporter looking to Kuwait Phone Number to expand your reach beyond North America, you might want to start with editorial standards that guide content creators on the appropriate tone of voice for each. of your target markets: polite for Latin America, objective for Nordic countries, formal for Asia, etc. You could echo these guidelines in your design standards, suggesting ways visual elements could set the appropriate tone for each market.

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You may need standards for tools and publishing or for hosting and delivery – or not. For example, if your digital solution is hosted in the cloud with few options to change the look and feel or the Kuwait Phone Number technical infrastructure, these limitations are de facto standards. No decision or documentation is required. This last step is crucial. Standards that sit on an unused virtual shelf are useless. For example, let’s say you want page titles to Kuwait Phone Number stay under 65 characters for SEO. If you build this guideline into your content management system as a hard limit, your titles will hit the target every time. This won’t happen if you rely on authors to memorize or research anything specified by the standards.

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If you don’t have a content management system, consider other ways to integrate your standards into your tools. Kuwait Phone Number, For example, let’s say you have a press release template. Let’s say you’ve adopted AP as the style standard for press releases. Some style inconsistencies crop up again and again in the work your writers submit. Kuwait Phone Number, In this case, you can integrate the relevant AP directives into your model. As your digital standards evolve, involve all stakeholders. With a bit of luck and committed effort. Strike the balance between developing quality content, achieving your business goals, and encouraging creativity.


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