Keyword Research: Finding Topics for Linkable Assets

A backlink audit should help you understand the link economy in your niche. How many referring domains does your website have compared to your competitors? How does the competition secure the link? What type of communities exist? What is the most important page for the contest? Do you have comparable Angola Email List pages on your website? Are there link opportunities to overlap? Research and analysis should help drive a customized plan to protect links in Keyword Research Finding your own link building campaigns At this point, you should have identified the Angola Email List important linkable assets on your site, your competitors’ homepages, and understand the backlink profiles of your own site as well as some of your close competitors.

Next Step Tactical Keyword Research Finding Execution

The final piece of the puzzle is identifying important keywords in your industry, especially keywords that are important to your own website. You need to do keyword research  Before we go down this rabbit hole, I want to clarify Angola Email List that you shouldn’t build exact-match anchor text. Any links you secure should be editorial and relevant to the page you are linking to. This means you should consider using natural variations and whatever anchor text makes the most sense for the page. This is not to identify specific keywords to use as anchor Angola Email List text. Rather, it’s about identifying important keyword themes and ensuring organic links that fit those keyword themes to influence your page’s ranking.

Keep Your Research Focused and Specific

I recommend using SEMrush for keyword research, although there are many tools online that can help SEOs identify meaningful keywords, the most Angola Email List important of which is Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner. I also recommend checking out Moz’s Keyword Explorer and ahref’s Keyword Explorer There has been extensive coverage on how to do meaningful keyword research, it all depends on the level you want. For a link building campaign strategy, remember Angola Email List that your primary goal is to identify organic traffic opportunities for linkable assets that currently exist or that you intend to build. Keep your research focused and specific.

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