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A corporate or institutional video can be a great way to present our company, in a creative and original way, as well as concise. Videos have become the preferred type of content for consumers. So that you can make a perfect institutional video that reflects your company in essence, we share some tips. Index of contents Contents Message Style Business Photography Music Video Preproduction. Filming post production Contents institutional video content tolltype. An institutional video has different elements, the main one being the content. For that content to be of quality. There are some points to consider: Message institutional video message. Hello Telcel You have to know perfectly what you want to convey . In the first place, the corporate image of the client/company must be known very well .

To do this, you can go to the marketing area to have all the details of what you want to tell. Another important point within the message is the audience to whom the video is directed. Establishing objectives and how they want to be reflected Benin Phone Numbers in the video can be very helpful for planning, in addition to defining what you want to communicate and how. Prepare a detailed script. Style There are different styles of corporate videos, but the main ones are the following: Animated ( Motion Graphics ) Testimonials promotional institutional video style Freepik Choose the style based on the message, the characteristics of the company and the budget.

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Thus, there will be a better understanding of the needs of the company or organization. Photography institutional video photography VIVEIMAGE Group The ideal is to record little and precisely , instead of accumulating many shots. Do your best to light each scene with the right material . If the budget allows it, hire a specialist in charge of it. WOM GP is an agency that specializes in multimedia format, contact us and review our plans . Use movement in shots, taking advantage of all available accessories to optimize your video (steadycam, dolly, slider, drones, etc.) Music institutional video music Current PC Take time to find the ideal music track that fits the images and the rhythm of the video. There are several music libraries on the Internet.

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Planning is intend to reduce problems that may arise during filming. The pre-production of an institutional video consists of the elaboration of the script, creating a shooting plan to select the locations, dates and times. It also involves choosing the personnel (technicians, actors or human resources of the company, etc.), in addition to the material that will be use in the development of the corporate video. Filming institutional video shooting Entrepreneur The shoot has to do with the development and filming of the video.

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Check with the production agency the kitchenware, the audiovisual language, what works and what doesn’t. Business Another great strategy for institutional videos is storytelling , that is, telling a story about the company . For this, it is essential to be familiar with the institution, as well as the products or services it offers . To get to know the company in depth, you can carefully study the information that is on the web; request additional documentation and schedule a meeting with a person in charge of the marketing or communication department .Some people first choose the music and, depending on the rhythm, record the images. As a general rule, the music should not be the focus of attention, but serve as a complement.

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