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What makes quality content so considered directly influences the success of your campaigns. Consumers are constantly changing and adapting. When we spend time online it is to be entertained, to have fun, to be informed and yes: to search for products and services. Thus, we are preparing to choose a brand and visit its website or online store. As we move forward in the purchase process, we are more open to receiving even paid information.

Companies need to be constantly updated on the type of content that people prefer to see. Identify what “it” is that makes content considered attractive, especially when by nature, we do not like to see ads. Index of contents Key factors that determine the Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number quality of content Other key factors to consider Conclution: Key factors that determine the quality of content A study recently published by Integral Ad Science (IAS) concluded that there are certain factors for consumers to consider the quality of online content: some of them are reliability, content appropriateness and objectivity.

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Users in the United States were asked to consider the level of importance. Certain factors in determining the quality of online content. 67% said it is very important that content comes from trusted and well-established sources and companies. Believe that the content should be appropriate , that is, free of violence or hate speech. 6 out of 10 interviewees. Want the content to be impartial. Other key factors to consider. Non-intrusive advertising: 58% of those interviewed are incline to prioritize this factor. The user experience must be the priority so that they do not perceive our products or services. A brand that interrupts, that insists too much, that appears at the least opportune moments and in spaces. Where the information is not relevant.

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Production quality: Content that resonates with the audience needs to reflect the personality of the brand. Whether it’s an image, a gif, a photo or a short video, if you want to generate curiosity and attract more users, the quality of the file is a priority. Elements such as image resolution, logos, sharpness, different angles of the product, etc. influence the purchase decision . quality-content Content “I like” : 55% of respondents consider a key factor that it is content according to their tastes. What are those tastes? It is essential to know your audience and the type of formats they prefer.

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Are incline to consume short videos . Instagram sets the pace with stories (15″) or reels (30″), which generate enough attraction. Content Relevance: Additional IAS studies found that three-quarters of consumers (74%) want and search for content that matches the content they are viewing. This guarantees that your audience is more willing to learn about your brand and move forward in a purchase process. In fact, this study mentions that 8 out of 10 say that it is important that the ads are place next to high quality content . The level of importance of these factors varies depending on the verticals of each industry. For example, in retail, consumers rank user experience vs. advertising, trust, and ad appropriateness as top factors. In the realm of news content, factors such as user experience, objectivity, and trust weigh more heavily.

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