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SEO optimization involves many important concepts that must be taken into account to ensure that the SEO of a web page is correct. In addition to the content, there are other factors to consider to improve the SEO positioning of our site. We review and analyze in detail some of the main ones: anchor text , error 404 and H1. Index of contents AnchorText Types of anchor text Why is it important for SEO positioning? H1 How does it influence SEO positioning? Error 404 How does it affect SEO positioning? The solution to the 404 error AnchorText anchor text SEO and Copywriting Anchor text refers to the visible text used to link to other web pages and/or articles.

It consists of two elements: visible text and URL. Visible text: This is the text that can be clicked on to access the complementary content (page or article). URL: It is the full address of the site or page to which you are redirected when clicking Spain Phone Number the link. The anchor text mainly serves to describe the content of the information to which they are linked. Thus, you can access extended documentation related to the topic you are reading, it provides very useful information. Types of anchor text There are different types of anchor text that can be used in the web positioning strategy . Among the most popular are the following: Exact keyword: You can use the keyword for which you want to appear in search engines.

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And natural way so that search engines do not suspect and decide to ignore the web. Partial match: It is recommended to use synonyms or words similar to the main keyword, this will make the article richer and the linking more natural. Brand: Having your own identity on the internet is highly valued by search engines (Google). Therefore, a good idea is to use some anchor text that includes the name of the brand. Generic: It consists of the use of a generic word or phrase to link to information related to the topic that is being discussed in the article. For example, “Read more” or “Click here” . Images: Another option is to use images to link to complementary information. Search engines will use the text typed in the ALT attribute of the image as the anchor text .

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Text without anchor: It has to do with the direct use of a URL as anchor text . Phrase links: These are longer anchor texts and better describe the content they lead to. They can be more attractive to the user, because they can easily identify where they are linking to. For example, “You can download the e-book by registering on this page” . Why is it important for SEO positioning? Anchor text is important for SEO positioning since they seek to position pages with certain keywords. In this way, you can get more presence in search engines.

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Link into account when positioning a page. If the links are good, they will reinforce the SEO and increase the possibility that the web will rise in search engine positions. One recommendation is to take into account the anchor text selected for the internal link. It is convenient to use different keywords than those of the external link so that the search engines identify. Which pages to position the keywords. It is also important to get external links that redirect users. To the web or to the content , this will give the brand authority on the Internet. H1 h1 site checker. An H1 is the title that is given to a new post each time it is created. For example, if an article has been written on Instagram , an interesting H1 could be “What is Instagram and how to use it” .

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