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What exactly are digital standards? These are an organization’s specifications or guidelines on what to Kenya Phone Number do regarding certain aspects of digital publishing. If you’re new to work, if it’s been a while since you’ve completed a particular content task, or if you disagree (respectfully, of course) with a colleague on a content decision, digital standards are what you turn to Kenya Phone Number for answers. In her book, Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design, Lisa Welchman lists four types of digital standards: design, writing, publishing and development, and network and server infrastructure. I would use slightly different terms, especially for organizations whose content is hosted in the cloud or at least offsite. Here’s how I think of types.

These four types overlap Kenya Phone Number

They are not mutually exclusive categories, but rather a continuum. While you may find it useful for the Kenya Phone Number to document certain standards separately—design standards here and editorial standards there, for example—you may want to Kenya Phone Number documents certain types of standards together. By clarifying which aspects of content should be consistent, digital standards allow us to think innovatively about other aspects of our content. They keep us from wasting energy on decisions that have been made so that we can focus on the creative side of content creation.

The Competition Was a Success Kenya Phone Number

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Examples are all around us. Kenya Phone Number Imagine all the drinks you could buy at the store. The Kenya Phone Numbers sizes and shapes of most bottles, cans, and cartons. So are the processes by which beverages are formulated. But what happens in these standardized containers – for better or for worse – varies widely. The possibilities for the drinks themselves are endless. Digital standards work the same way. For example, when a number standard specifies the ideal. Average sentence length for a web page, authors have room. That parameter creates compelling text in an unlimited number of ways. The same freedom applies to the parameters defined for images, videos, etc.


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