June 2019 Core Update the New Algorithmic Update Announced

Google had gotten us used to no longer officially communicating about updates to its algorithm, let alone how it was done on Sunday, June 2. Indeed, to everyone’s surprise, Google pre-announced its June 3, 2019 update. Since Google integrated “Panda” and “Penguin” into the Belarus Phone Number List heart of the search engine’s algorithm, the web giant had announced in 2016 no longer have to communicate on new deployments since updates are made in real-time. This time, Google warned through its Twitter account that an update would be deployed the next day, Monday, June 3. Your SEO agency tells you more about this update called “June 2019 Core Update” by the search engine.

Why Is Google Warning Us So We Can Ask Ourselves

So we can ask ourselves why this announcement? You would think this is a major change, as were Google Medic in August 2018 and Florida 2 in March. As its name suggests, the update will concern the heart of the Belarus Phone number search engine algorithm, which can then affect many sites. However, it seems rather that Google wants to change its communication strategy. Indeed, Danny Sullivan, Head of Google Search Liaison, said on his Twitter account that there was no talk of a special or major update. It is neither more nor less than a usual update like those that are regularly deployed.

Why This New Communication Strategy Danny Sullivan Adds

Danny sullivan adds, however, that it is in the interests of proactivity that google communicated on this subject. Before seos around the world are busy investigating the subject. In addition. It seems that google wants to regain control over the names of the updates. Aware that it is useful to name certain updates to differentiate them. Google no longer makes official announcements Belarus Phone Number List of its updates. The algorithm changes are no longer officially named. It is rather seo specialists who rename the updates. Like barry schwartz who named the major change made last august “medic” because of the sites in the health. Field which had been largely affected. From now on, updates will be named and dated to avoid confusion.

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