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It’s all the same thing. Everyone has Albania Phone Number a mobile phone in their hands. And the production data required by each time point and each workplace connected to the internet. So from the perspective of product definition, the entire process of a thing from production to distribution to consumption will re-engineered. Tweak and Albania Phone Number optimize. This is equivalent to an industrial revolution based on software. For example, what xiaomi does, redefines products for new groups. Of people, changes the way of sales, and finally even the supply chain restructured, and it becomes production based on sales. Xiaomi’s entire chain is simplified to what consumers put forward first.

Xiaomi Planned the Production, Albania Phone Number

Foxconn completed the production, and delivered it directly. To users through e-commerce logistics. In this new industrial revolution, the first step is to complete the reengineering. Of the internet process, intervene in all fields, and strive to Albania Phone Number improve efficiency. In the second step, when the efficiency improved, and the quantity. Changes to the quality, a new round of consumption revolution will occur – there will a large Albania Phone Number number of brand-new consumer products. Which we have already imagined and unexpected. For example, before the product of “starting point literature. Writing novels was only the privilege of a few people. Now this privilege has been broken. These are only what we can see now.

The Third Step, Albania Phone Number

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Which is even more terrifying – a large Albania Phone Number number of laborers. Will thrown out of the traditional manufacturing service field, just like people who don’t need to farm the land before, these farmers. Will  thrown into the factory then it necessary. To create new categories of consumption and production to absorb these people. All of which are Albania Phone Number giving birth to new entrepreneurial spaces. Therefore, you will see that china’s national policy has taken. Another big step in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in early 2015. Li keqiang clearly stated when presiding over the executive meeting of the state council. We must support the development of the ‘maker space’ entrepreneurship and innovation platform.

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