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It is the extension link with the most commercial. Potential and prospect among. The functions most frequently used by users. A content Georgia Phone Number producer told me not long ago that they are more concerned. About the promotion and ratings of platforms such as guevara and meituan than the evaluation. Promotion of douban and time, because users. Often generated on the latter websites. Consumer behavior. Following and creating douban is Georgia Phone Number the main usage habit of the current “douban” app users. However, whether on the website or on the mobile side, douban has recently. Been emphasizing and highlighting “douban” by revising its version and even pushing it to the first screen. Trying to increase the connotation and richness. Of information through this information aggregation method.

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The make good use of user data. However, in the context Georgia Phone Number of the increasingly prominent homogeneity. Of douban content and weibo, wechat, etc. Due to the closed nature of the entire platform, douban’s own. Information dissemination channels and methods cannot achieve the same effect as weibo, etc. Will users Georgia Phone Number really participate in the contribution and reorganization of content as enthusiastically as douban presupposes? 5 6 users generally recognize the douban app. Although more than 80% of users will maintain the frequency of opening at least once a week. The question is, after opening the app. What do users get out of it? What kind of needs met? Can’t buy movie tickets. The “things” that can purchased.

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As well as, in the bean column and cannot searched. Follow” neighbor function also hidden in the secondary menu. If the app Georgia Phone Number solve these realities of users if there is a real need in life. If the app cannot provide the functions and experience comparable to the website, how can it promote. The conversion of users to the mobile terminal? Such shortcomings further limit douban’s mobility and commercialization. 7 a serious fact is that Georgia Phone Number for more and more users. Douban is not unique and indispensable. The users of the “douban” app have a very high degree of overlap with wechat and weibo users. Douban is increasingly becoming a popular website.

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