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It is reasonable to consider the north american shipping fee of 30-50 us dollars. In addition, due to the high vat in european countries. About 20% of the retail price Hungary Phone Number of the product. It is best to set up additional shipping costs for countries other than north america and china, otherwise the shipping and vat costs. After the product Hungary Phone Number is produced will be very high. Headache problem. 4. It is best to have a working prototype that can be shown. To the media north american technology media are willing to report on disruptive products. There are two ways to contact them. One is to find reporters with similar products and contact them.

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Directly find some foreign prs with media Hungary Phone Number relations company. In fact, pr is everywhere in the united states, but the role of pr is only to contact reporters. If reporters not interested in your products, they will still not report. Credible technology media like wired, pc magazine, techcrunch, etc. In order to ensure Hungary Phone Number the quality. Will not report if there is no prototype. Mars’ two prototypes damaged on the way to the united states and could not display the automatic lift normally, although crazybaby team member summer went to new york to give a presentation. And these media chose to wait to see. The real mars machine before reporting.

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Pr companies initially, in order to Hungary Phone Number ensure the effect of crowdfunding. The crazybaby team found pr companies in north america to cooperate. Pr companies that specialize in crowdfunding include. Agency 20, fundzinger, rainfactory, etc. You can find their contact information on fb. But crazybaby says the value Hungary Phone Number contribution of these pr companies. Is much smaller than what they actually promise. For example, in terms of web design, the early mars page. Was designed by the cooperative pr company. It was completely a store feel, which seemed to be a low-grade project. Later, they redesigned the web page by themselves.

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