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It has become a world-renowned internet company, and its reputation in the industry is endless. Countless people dream of joining alibaba. But jack ma Sri Lanka Phone Number laughed at these external comments. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, the key is to look at yourself rationally. Victory is not arrogant, defeat is not discouraged. Maintain an open-minded Sri Lanka Phone Number outlook on life and stick to what you think is right, so you can be considered a mature entrepreneur. 5. Entrepreneurship is not an easy task, it is more expensive to persevere. 15 years ago to this day, if i knew it was so difficult, i would definitely not have done it. Maybe what everyone sees today is ali’s success, but they don’t see mistakes. Frustration, conflicts, when the government is looking for trouble.

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Customers are dissatisfied. Successes are Sri Lanka Phone Number short-lived, the costs are enormous, and mistakes are countless. It’s the same for every industry. Those bigwigs in the industry, you see his brilliance today. But you must not see the price paid behind. All entrepreneurs have a book of hardships. Stay in a good mood because Sri Lanka Phone Number at least something can be done today to make a difference. Persevere, want to give up 10,000 times. A lot of things, boil for another 2 hours. The point of view will change. Every time you run into big trouble or trouble, go to sleep and think again the next day. When everyone says to give up, take 2 minutes to think about it.

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Is for its own thinking. Successful people Sri Lanka Phone Number have to work harder than ordinary people. Wisdom people have suffered tremendous psychological and physical pain. People with high iqs may not have suffered hardships. People with high emotional quotients must have suffered a lot, but after suffering, they must rethink. 6. The truly successful Sri Lanka Phone Numbers person must be the one who changes himself people are all the same. It looks good from a distance, but it looks pretty good up close. In the more than ten years of starting his own business, jack ma is very fortunate. That he has met many amazing people in the business world.

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