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It can also regarded as it the result of simple. Changes made by tv stations to adapt to traffic migration. Therefore, this is also the reason why the mango tv produced by hunan satellite. Tv using the tv model can also achieve Henan Mobile Phone Number List high performance. From this point of view, the video industry. At this stage cannot regarded as a breakthrough product in the internet era. Because the distance from effective Henan Mobile Phone Number Lists traffic is closer, so it has obtained better development opportunities. Can become an effective way to monetize, while tv hard broadcasting has gradually declined. For tv, the current industrial barriers formed by video are not as insurmountable as imagined.

Relying on the Henan Mobile Phone Number List

Gradually mature online community Henan Mobile Phone Number List ecological effect. The reason why the traffic generated by it is “effective” is also because of the consumption stickiness brought about. By the gradual maturity of the online business circle. I used to go out for shopping, entertainment and other daily activities. With the maturity of e-commerce, games, and audio-visual entertainment. It can now done at home. Most of the Henan Mobile Phone Number List community life that once required time and space. Cost support can unified on one screen. When it completed, as an individual user, because of the convenience. Good experience, it will be more willing to try any new business provided in this screen that is replacing off-screen cnsumption activities.

When the Lives Henan Mobile Phone Number List?

Henan Mobile Phone Number List

Of major social groups condensed into one screen. Video is a potential substitute for tv coonsumption, it is not incomprehensible Henan Mobile Phone Number List for users to choose video over tv. But this does not mean that video is more advantageous. Than tv, it can only said that the video industry enjoys. The natural dividends Henan Mobile Phone Number Lists brought by the internet environment. Editor’s note: the original author ben thompson, ben. Thompson is the founder of the stratechery website. Has worked for apple and microsoft, and has written a large number of articles on technology corporate strategy. John gruber, who is probably the only one who. Enjoys” the hodgepodge of rumors about apple – time and time again.

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