Is guest blogging good for bloggers

As long as the blogger is insightful and willing to take the time to curate and edit posts from external sources, guest blogging can be a great source of valuable content for a blogger audience. An important part of editing any external Bahrain Email List contribution is viewing links within the content. Links should not be included unless they are editorial. Check out this (or any other) post on guest blogging and inbound marketing by Neil Patel. Almost every paragraph has an Bahrain Email List external link. You see, Neil knows that links add value to a post by providing more information and additional resources. like Neil.

How to Find Sites That Accept Guest Posts and External Contributors

To be on the safe side, double-check the quality of your guest posts and make sure you’re only linking to quality sites that add value to the web. You can also use a tool like Screaming Frog to regularly check your external links to Bahrain Email List make sure the site you’re linking to is still available, rather than returning a 404 or redirecting to something differen There are two main ways to find sites for guest blogging Prospect the web (use Google searches, social media, mine resource listings, etc.) Use a website that connects publishers and bloggers. This post describes four websites used to connect publishers and bloggers.

Search the list of popular blogs

I’ve used a few of them and can tell you that they really aren’t as effective and popular as I’d like them to be. Most blogs are very young and run by webmasters who write very little and want to provide high-quality content for free. Although the fish are relatively small, I recommend you sign up for some services to monitor offers and wait for your beluga. There are some really cool ways to find bloggers for guest bloggers through the first method – explore the web – which I’ll cover below

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