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The end of the re-platforming Once your UI and website UX updates go live, your platform refactoring process is complete. This shouldn’t be a burden if you do your research and understand what your Argentina Phone Numbers List customers want. Don’t forget to communicate properly with the team during the process and have an organized structure to follow. If you’ve done all this, congratulations, you’ve successfully Argentina Phone Numbers List rebuilt your website. It can be complicated, but it will pay off now that your website better represents your brand and prepares you for a successful future.

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If you are considering re-platforming your website, please contact Coalition for more information. Our digital strategists can discuss your needs and assemble a team to work with you. Argentina Phone Numbers List Work with us to upgrade your website. When discussing Web content management, the first thing that comes to mind is WordPress. Powering 40% of websites by 2021, WordPress is the king of content management systems (CMS). Despite its popularity, the platform does have issues. Older versions Argentina Phone Numbers List of WordPress made it difficult to build rich media pages, did not provide a WYSIWYG experience, and were not suitable for screen readers.

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To make the editing experience more accessible and user-friendly, the WordPress development team launched the block editor in December 2018. Also known as Gutenberg, the Argentina Phone Numbers List WordPress block editor has changed dramatically since its launch, making it a platform that everyone can use. In this article, I’ll explain how Gutenberg works and walk you through its Argentina Phone Numbers List new accessibility features What is Gutenberg Editor Gutenberg has replaced the TinyMCE editor as the default WordPress editor.

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