Instead Your Marketing Goal Might Be Find New Customers

In the next 3 months or “double your blog traffic in the next 6 months”. Probably the best and most effective strategy to achieve your marketing goals is to automate a few things in your social media campaign to free up some time for further action. You shouldn’t do certain automations There are some automations that I don’t like. For example, I never tweet on my Facebook. I’ve seen some people do this, and most of the time it looks ugly and doesn’t inspire any interaction or reaction on the Facebook post. However, I wouldn’t say I know every possible scenario, and there may be some strong arguments for some scenarios where the connection between Facebook and Twitter could work.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-01 um 11.25.17 Another example is automated direct messages on Twitter, which I already mentioned in the introduction to this post. I did a quick Twitter poll and asked my audience what they thought of them. The response didn’t surprise me. I have no doubt that they may be annoyingly or stupidly promoted. Still, they work, and you can still win over everyone who claims you ignored them with the right information. 5. Better Marketing Results Without Automation More or less success is not guaranteed when it comes to marketing automation.

You Always Have To Measure

Your results and adjust your activities accordingly. The danger of marketing automation is that it is quickly forgotten. I set up some automated tweets, did other things, and completely forgot to measure whether my tweets were giving me anything. This is a typical mistake of automation. We should never automate because we can. Automation is a means of Bahamas whatsapp number list  getting more out of your marketing efforts, but for that to happen, you need to measure whether you’re doing it right or missing out on an opportunity to reach your audience. The simple fact is that as your account grows, you need to hire someone to help you with social media.

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Or you need to spend less time on “real” work, or you need to think about marketing automation. Means “set it and forget it”. Marketing automation is a fickle friend. Once we set up automated processes, we often forget about them. That’s dangerous. Even if we carefully measure whether the content we are automating aligns with our audience, sometimes everything can be different. What worked well yesterday can go downhill in a few days or weeks. What works for one audience can be downright annoying for another. Marketing automation requires the same attention we give to other parts of the marketing process.

Measuring And Adjusting

Collecting and interpreting data should be part of all your marketing campaigns – and marketing automation is no exception. 7. It’s a shortcut to success Sometimes it seems like automation is just being used for spam – just because automation helps you send more messages and more tweets or pins “more” isn’t true choose. Before you automate anything in your marketing process, you need to know what you’re doing, and only then can automation be an option for scaling. Automation can help you scale your process and save time, but marketing automation doesn’t guarantee success.

Sending lots of wrong information doesn’t make the information correct. In the end, trying to sell something simple can seriously damage your brand and marketing success. 8. It’s not about communication If an account isn’t communicating with its audience, it’s not necessarily due to automation. Many of the big accounts on Twitter are guilty of losing the communication part of their activity. I am guilty there too. But it’s not because you use marketing automation. otherwise. Marketing automation helps me save time on non-communication processes and I try to stay in the conversation. I know I failed badly, I know I missed it. The truth is, I’ve gotten so many comments, mentions, and replies that I can’t read them all and respond.

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