Innocent the King of Social Networks Innocent Brand Officially

Created in 1998, the Innocent brand officially arrived in France in 2004. It was years later that the fruit juice manufacturer arrived on social networks, with its very specific digital strategy. If you need a digital strategy, your social media Cambodia Phone Number List strategy agency is there to help you establish one. First of all, the Innocent brand is present on the 3 most used social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is present where its targets are most present, that is to say mainly 20-35-year-olds and young workers.

As Each Social Network Cannot Have the Same Type of Content

the brand adapts its way of communicating with Internet users according to the social network. Thus, community managers – commonly called CMs – then adapt their content. This is why each network then has its own type of content, but always with humor in the Cambodia Phone number publications. As a result, on Facebook, Innocent favors mainstream publications, in other words the most shareable. Above, the fruit juice manufacturer is first-degree since it is not a social network that lends itself to jokes or controversy. He also makes sure to respond individually to all comments and open up the conversation. On Twitter, Innocent uses more the second degree. The tone is more liberated, which is the very basis of the platform. For this, community managers put themselves in the shoes of Twitter, the name of the Twitter user, who makes jokes.

Why Is This Brand So Famous Innocent Has Become

Innocent has become, in just a few years, one of the Cambodia Phone Number List most followed brands on social networks. There are over 25,000 tweets, with a community of 64,000 followers on Twitter. Then, on Facebook, there are also more than 229,000 followers and 36,000 on Instagram. His community is only growing year by year. Innocent then became a reference in terms of community management which attracts Internet users. Indeed, the tone used by the brand on its social networks leads to a lot of engagement and interaction with Internet users. She is best known on Twitter for interacting Cambodia’s Phone Number List with community managers from other brands, especially with Interflora, a flower delivery service.

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