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In the latest version of wechat released recently. It has also continuously optimized the red envelope function. Whether it is to send wechat red envelopes through the attachment bar. Or to shake the card coupons and red envelopes of nearby Vietnam Phone Number merchants through the shake function, they all declare their leading advantages in red envelopes. In addition, the latest version of mobile qq has also added a red envelope function. In addition to sending red envelopes between friends, there are also two. Ways to play star red envelope Vietnam Phone Number and corporate red envelopes. Sina weibo launched “fan red envelopes”. Celebrities can send red envelopes to fans, and fans can also refill red envelopes for stars. Can send co-branded red envelopes with stars.

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Added the red envelope function in the Vietnam Phone Number new version to enter this cruel war. The endless red envelope wars seem to be code-named after the famous battles in world war ii. Previously, the introduction of wechat red envelopes. Was described by jack ma as a “sneak attack on pearl harbor”. And now the addition of alipay’s red Vietnam Phone Number envelope function. Is undoubtedly a turning point in the “battle of midway”. As for many participating in the war, it was the somewhat bloody “normandy landing. Intending to rush out in the chaotic battlefield like a “meat grinder. Only for mobile payment scenarios .the reason why red envelopes have become a battleground is simply following the trend.

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Anything that is not good. From the Vietnam Phone Number current point of view. The role of red envelopes is mainly to expand the mobile payment scene and lay the foundation. For the full-scale battle of mobile payment in the next step. It is not accidental that wechat can ride on the red envelope, it is even a “blind cat meets Vietnam Phone Number a dead mouse”. Previously, alipay wallet has covered a wide variety of offline payment scenarios such as restaurants, shopping malls. Supermarkets, convenience stores, taxi services, and hospitals. Needless to say, online, including recharge, transfer. Yu’ebao, lottery, credit card repayment, itinerary, electronic coupons, membership cards, etc.

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