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In the era of information explosion, the tightening of internet channels. Is to hinder the dissemination, and the loss of dissemination Sweden Phone Number restricts the dissemination and management of music. And the situation of music creators will be even worse. People other than taylor swift dare not easily play this trick. If tencent wants to recover costs and cannot quickly get money from users’ pockets, it must increase its market share Sweden Phone Number and block its opponents. In the internal environment is also one of the instinctive reactions. New media itself is an important stage for music. Dissemination and music management in the future. Returning to the music industry. The unhealthy prepayment mechanism and the closed structure.o

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Are not very beneficial to the development Sweden Phone Number of the new ecology. Record companies get a lot of prepayments. On the surface, but they are still losing money every year. How many music creators can get good Sweden Phone Number returns from record companies that have received huge prepayments? We might as well look back on what happened in the past five years. Which “shining star” has the traditional record company created? “little apple. And “my skateboard shoes” are both products of the new media environment. Artists such as jay chou who are still shining in today’s market are. Superstars who became famous in the era. Of the record industry (more precisely, the era of narrow media.

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Accumulated a large number of fans Sweden Phone Number before the advent of new media. Even the newcomer li ronghao signed warner after he became famous. But there is indeed one record company that is an exception. Modern sky, which is not as good as other companies desperately trying to get sky-high prepayments. While investing Sweden Phone Number in good works and artists, while developing new recyclable products (such as modern sky music festival and strawberry music. Festival, when some copyright companies are clamoring to increase the price of “futures”, good music. Content and products that meet market demand, are being developed and improved step by step.

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