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In the food delivery industry, subsidies have become the norm. There are various means of “single reductions and exemptions, special Belarus Phone Number promotions, and gift giving”. Not to be outdone in the subsidy amount. This can be seen from their successive huge financings. A few days ago, just announced a financing of $350 million; two weeks ago. Meituan also confirmed the news of a $700 million financing. Subsidies have Belarus Phone Number become the norm since last year’s ride-hailing apps. For products with similar products, subsidies can directly affect user decisions. Moreover, in this way, user habits can be changed. In the shortest time and in the largest range.

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Areas such as ride-hailing and food Belarus Phone Number industries like online travel are rushing to follow suit. So the question is, is it really that stupid to throw money at this seemingly brute force method? In fact, it has quietly evolved Belarus Phone Number in a short period of time. The power of the internet lies in the fact that a little innovative. Spirit can play the weapon of burning money smarter. How subsidies become “smart” what are the most common subsidies? If you go to the shopping mall, you will find that the practices of each company are similar: after full or cash coupons after consumption. Which is actually the most common and oldest form of subsidy.

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Because it’s useful, but it’s too inefficient for Belarus Phone Number an industry like ride-hailing. That has to subsidized for a long time. In january last year, didi and kuaidi began to subsidize taxis on a large scale. In february, the subsidy Belarus Phone Number became more intense and reached a climax. After that, they stopped the subsidy. At that time, the subsidy method was relatively crude. And it was nothing more than a full reduction of coupons. After the subsidy stopped. The number of orders dropped as scheduled. Cheng wei, ceo of didi taxi, once admitted this in an interview with tencent technology.

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