If you have worked with the inbound methodology before you probably

Already know that the sales job does not end once you sell the product as , but that you must follow up after the closing to verify that the client satisfied with their experience. It offers ways to communicate with you – or with the customer support area – in case they have questions or difficulties using the product. Keeping a customer satisfied makes a difference in their final experience, making them become brand ambassadors, who will recommend your products and services to their contacts. In addition, this not only attracts new prospects with word of mouth advertising, but also increases the chances that the same satisfied customer will buy again.

CTA inbound sales service Why implement the Sandler method

The classic sales methods have used for Kuwait Phone Number too long, and today most of them no longer work. This can noticed in various scenarios: Have you ever gone to a department store and bumped into salespeople who won’t let you check things out in peace? Although we know that it is their job —and that many times they just want to help us— the truth is that it is usually annoying. The same thing happens with phone calls: has it happened to you that you fill out a form out of simple curiosity and the phone calls rain down on you? Sometimes we can even say that we are not interested.

And we continue to receive insistence from the sellers anyway

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Spam in email marketing is also highly frowned upon, and is the main reason many users cancel their subscriptions and newsletters. These kinds of experiences have made people prejudge and mistrust sellers. Therefore, the job of a sales consultant trained in the Sandler system is to gain the person’s trust and of real help. Remember: it is not a sale, but a consultation. In fact, this system shares many similarities with the processes of the inbound methodology, by focusing on the customer’s needs and their qualification, to find out if your product or service is the ideal one for them. Better qualification of prospects. More time for sellers. Better understanding of your ideal client. Improvement in the closing rate.

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