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Of in the world of Marketing, it is the amount of information to which we are exposed every day. The content we consume on digital platforms never seems to end, and as brands, the challenge is to draw the customer’s attention so that they pause and capture our message. Although the way in which the world interacts in Social Networks poses new challenges, it also represents a great opportunity to create relationships no matter where we are. The closeness that we can now build between brands and users opens the door for new interactions that last longer in the customer’s mind; create new experiences and even give way to recommendations. Index of contents Why Inbound Marketing? 1. Traditional Advertising: 2.

The Internet Completely Changed The Game: 3. The attention changed places: User Experience And Time: The New “Golden Tickets” Engagement: The Type of Interactions you are looking for Conclution Why Inbound Marketing? Because preferences South Africa Phone Number have changed and we can see them in three main stages: 1. Traditional Advertising: customer-serviceUntil a few years ago, advertising interrupted to capture the attention of customers. It was for short periods of time and for the brand it meant expensive investments that did not guarantee the connection with the client. Example: TV ads, radio, magazines, billboards, cold calls, etc. 2.

The Internet Completely Changed

The Game: The digital world came into the lives of millions of people and consumer behavior changed forever; According to data from the Mexican Internet Association and the Study of Media and Device Consumption among Mexican Internet Users 2018 / IAB Mexico: In Mexico, there are 80 million Internet users . (67% of the population). The average time they spend online is 8 hours 12 minutes a day. 80% of people connect through their mobile phone. The main activity of 83% of Internet users is accessing social networks. 97% see social media as a place to search. And in the world, the following graph says it all: customer-service 3. The attention changed places: Social media Consumers control what they want to see. They no longer see the spontaneous commercials but the screens of their devices. Now, the consumer decides what type of content they want to consume.

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This is where the importance of this word arises: content . The most successful brands are those that have managed to create less irruptive and more participatory communication with their customers. What is a content? Any tool that serves to connect with your clients or prospects : videos, blogs, pdf’s, infographics, presentations, podcasts, webinars, etc. buyer’s journey content trek User Experience And Time: The New “Golden Tickets” goden ticket for mkt Q97.9 The point is to know how and when to use each type of content to maintain the relationship with customers and that their attention spans give preference to our brand.

Digital Marketing Is Constantly

However, technologies emerge, new ways to maintain a feeling of closeness, immediate response and with it, new trends in the way of interacting. For this reason there are Digital Marketing specialists who claim that Content Marketing is Marketing . Consider that in 2019, users have a level of experience with Internet tools that they didn’t have before. However, know how to identify kilometers away when a brand wants to sell for the sake of selling. Consuming content from a company that only talks about itself is the last thing they are looking for and therefore a monologue on digital platforms is the same as traditional advertising. The time they spend on their cell phones is a lot and at the same time very valuable.

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