Ideas to Improve the Seo E-Commerce

For your e-commerce to give you the results you are looking for, it must be attractive to the user. The best way to reach this goal is through good SEO. Discover some tips to achieve it. 1) Content Strategy content strategy Creative Staff The first thing is to define the business model very well and carry out an analysis of the environment, that is, an internal and external analysis or analysis of the competition . To begin with, you must analyze the business model of five to ten competitors. Then, analyze the competitor’s customer acquisition strategy.

Landing pages will be very important in that analysis. The landing pages of the services and/or products must be analyzed , along with the contents of the blog integrated into the business model. Define qualitative and specific objectives of the content Finland Phone Number strategy . Once the objectives have been defined, propose an action plan to achieve each objective. And define the promotion channels, as well as the comprehensive strategy. Position the landing pages of services and/or products landing page Kinsta Before starting to position. You must define how many unique landing pages you are going to hav.

And for This It Is Important to Carry

Out a study of keywords in order to decide which ones will have a unique URL and which ones will have a joint one. It is also important to analyze the search intent of each keyword that is considered interesting and see if it matches the conversion intent that is being searched for. Another option to optimize landing pages is to add text in the categories . A no text category is just a listing of items with some text from the product descriptions and convert to duplicate text. The best thing will be to have original texts, well written that really serve to help the user .

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Remember to add at least once the keyword that the category focuses on. After establishing which products/services to position, the next thing is to analyze and carry out an. On Page SEO study of each landing page . The goal is to define a content structure. And see what kind of elements integrate into said content (images, videos, text, animated gifs, etc.) . Links web links digital advertising Links, both internal and external. One of the main elements to improve SEO and position the site. You will need to have internal links to the landing pages of products and services . The most powerful are the first level (home or home page), but blog articles can also be used.

Adding Links on Product Pages

To other products , in addition to improving cross-selling between items, also increases the number of pages detected by search engines (Google). These bindings can be implemented in different ways: Offering related or complementary products to the one the user is looking at. Products that other users have bought . Based on the user ‘s purchase history . In reference to external links , a good idea is to get some quality link from a page with authority and traffic in the sector ; Mainly, when you start to get natural links ( linkbaiting ) . A great way to get links is through quality content. The alternative is the use of link building to publish a post or similar.

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