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I confirmed my manual link building practices in a unique way in 2014. Back in mid-2013, I was still consulting with Canadian SEO, And one of my clients was a very well-known travel website. They hired me to build a dozen high-Namibia WhatsApp Number List quality backlinks for some of their inner pages. So I did, and we quickly saw a nice shift in a couple of major keywords in the SERPs. Fast forward to late November 2014; I’ve been taking a break from Namibia WhatsApp Number List the industry, I’m no longer consulting, and this is my first client meeting as the newest Top Draw SEO strategist.

 Most Important Link Building Now Read Industry  Technique

I was so nervous that I half-bragged that I had built links for “Big travel clients” (I know, I know) When the (surprisingly well-informed) client suddenly asked “Is that site because of bad links this year? I tell clients they got it Namibia WhatsApp Number List wrong and this is actually another. Travel site that has to be penalized. I really thought I was telling them the truth. After the meeting, I did some googling and it turned out that it was my travel client who was Now Read Industry  penalized and de-indexed, I just hadn’t heard of it for too long. Obviously this is also big news. How come I do  know this? ! And, Namibia WhatsApp Number List gosh, Was it my link that got them into trouble? In a giddy panic,

Namibia WhatsApp Number List

The fact that they are allowed back to Google – all my backlinks are intact – confirms that they are actually exactly what Google likes to see kind of link. I know this particular travel site employs a lot of different link Namibia WhatsApp Number List builders and this is likely their downfall. If they hired and stuck with one link builder at a time, maybe they wouldn’t have any problems. Even though I wasn’t told that day that it cost Top Draw a new client account, I still consider Now Read Industry  this particular case to be a huge success as it Namibia WhatsApp Number List solidifies a) as a link builder I really know what Google likes and what you want to see and b) you can never be too careful about who you hire when it comes to link building.

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