How to View Backlinks with Majestic the Backlink Explorer – Tutorial Tuesday

Hello and welcome to Tutorial Tuesday as we walk you through a strategy, tool or process in digital marketing and SEO. Today, I’ll walk you through the process of viewing backlinks in Majestic SEO. This is not an in-depth audit, but Belarus Email List a quick analysis. I’ll keep this simple and straightforward, so it’s good for beginners and those looking to better understand how View Backlinks Majestic professional link builders can quickly analyze new sites. Majestic is a paid tool that starts at $50.00 per month. No SEO Belarus Email List can survive without a backlink browser to help them see and monitor new backlinks. It’s a must-have tool, and Majestic has one of the best indexes available .

Summary Tab in View Backlinks Majestic Majestic

I’ll use the Everyday Carry website as an example today. Everyday Carry is a website about the tools, gadgets and gear that people carry with them Belarus Email List every day. Everyday carry is the coolest and best gear people love; gear that just can’t leave the house without it They are not clients – just a site that I admire. I use this site a lot to find gifts for friends and family. They use affiliate links and provide really Belarus Email List great content, guides and information about the products they recommend. They have dedicated staff and a huge community.

Referring Domain Citation View Backlinks Majestic Flow

If you like gadgets, gear, And cool accessories, I recommend checking it out The trust flow is based on trusted sites from Majestic’s manual review of Belarus Email List the network. The value of a link depends on how many sites in turn link to it. The more links you get from a website with many links, the more authoritative your website is and the higher your citation traffic. Majestic created View Backlinks Majestic this short video to explain the Belarus Email List trust flow and citation flow. The trust flow is designed to show how well your site is associated with trusted torrent sites. The closer you link to a trusted site, the higher your trust score

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