How to Use Inbound Marketing to Support Outbound Lead Generation

Another common mistake is to shorten the introduction and go Lebanon Phone Number List straight to the demo. In fact, your introduction should start before the presentation itself. Take the time to ask potential clients questions, Lebanon Phone Number List understand why they’re here and set expectations for the demo. This ensures that everyone understands what’s going on, what you’re going to do, and what the demo is going to show Ask the right questions from the star I’ve touched on this many times, but the question is very important for your B2B SaaS product demo Ask questions during a Lebanon Phone Number List SaaS product dem You can ask as much as you want – you try to get as much information as possible from the customer. This gives you the structure of the demo.

Why Marketing Operations Inbound Marketing Support is the Future of Agile Marketing

Whenever I deliver a demo for a SaaS business I’ve worked on, I always like to ask these three questions Wha problem are you trying to solve Is there anything in particular you want to see What are Lebanon Phone Number List you comparing this platform to Obviously, you don’t need to ask the exact same question. Just make sure you know what their main challenges are, if they have specific things they want to see, and what other platforms they’re looking Lebanon Phone Number List a Customize your presentation based on Inbound Marketing Support the answers to your question As I said, questions are critical because they basically determine the path your demo will follow.

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Think about their answers and make sure you show how your software can help them. For example, they might say that a big problem for them is flexibility. So provide a demo that shows how flexible Lebanon Phone Number List your software is and how you can use it in many different ways – you’ll need to fine-tune the demo to suit the prospect you’re talking to. Custom SaaS Products Use all your Inbound Marketing Support great insight and think with your feet. You should be well Lebanon Phone Number List prepared for this, and your research may have identified the answers to some of the questions you asked. However, the client reinforces these answers and may tell you something you might not have thought of.

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