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In recent weeks we have been reviewing some of the marketing strategies, some new, and others not so recent, but without a doubt all of them can help your company a lot to grow and have a better relationship with customers. We now review another such marketing model, buzz marketing , and how it can benefit companies in their marketing goals. Index of contents What is buzz marketing? Principles of buzz marketing How to implement it? 1- teaser 2- Revelation 3- Explosion What is buzz marketing ? Buzz marketing or buzz marketing refers to a type of viral marketing .

The main objective of buzz marketing is to generate conversation around a specific brand or product. Buzz marketing is a viral marketing technique that aims to turn each encounter with the consumer into something unique, spontaneous and with a Chile Phone Numbers very personal exchange of information instead of showing a perfectly orchestrated and calculated marketing speech by an expert advertiser. (Antevenio, provider of digital marketing solutions) With this technique, brands seek to apply a set of methods that allow them to be commented on and be on people’s lips, generating a buzz that increases brand engagement and recognition. In this type of marketing, influencers play a fundamental role.

Word of Mouth, the Essence

Of buzz marketing, has also gone digital. Nowadays, there is also talk of eWOM or “eWord of Mouth” (digital word of mouth) . Principles of buzz marketing buzz marketing grid Buzz marketing has three fundamental pillars: recommendation. Conversation and trust, adding concepts such as virality, evangelization, customer experience among others. Buzz marketing is based on four basic principles: Curiosity: People are curious, and any “mystery” intrigues us and we want to know the end. Creating expectation and mystery will manage to arouse curiosity and attract attention. Confidence: There is greater confidence in a message that comes from someone we know.

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Point out the source of the information when making the message public. Content: The transmitted message contains something that you think is worth sharing, be it humorous or useful. Develop content that generates expectations and is attractive. Virality: The message must be transmitted by itself, without the company or brand that creates it actively intervening in its propagation. In addition, buzz marketing has six main triggers: Taboo: It is related to controversial issues that give rise to a debate, where each party expresses its opinion. Unusual: It has to do with when something is out of the known patterns, it can be a novelty or a revolutionary product or service.

Extraordinary It Is Activated

When customer satisfaction becomes evident and turns into something incredibly positive. Shocking: Represents everything that is shocking from any point of view, generally generates more buzz. Hilarious: Seeks to attract attention through situations or things that generate happiness and make people laugh. It is activate as a result of the curious nature of the human being, who is attract to searching for deeply secrets, and loves when they are reveal. How to implement it? There are different ways to implement the buzz marketing in our company, from tools and platforms, to collaborators and content. We resist what may be the best way to achieve it.

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