How to respond to negative reviews and manage them to make them useful for your business

For some time you have decided to advertise your work and you have started spending. Time and effort in managing social networks and platforms related to your work sector. By checking your profiles you have just. Discovered that negative reviews have appeared and your first reaction is to respond in style, driven by anger. And frustration, given all the effort you have put into it. This reaction, although acceptable, is absolutely wrong and can have negative consequences for your business. As everyone says, the web and in particular social networks are defined as democratic places, where everyone has the opportunity to express their opinion, without censorship and also without too many words.


A negative review on the web is read by many users

This can determine a negative value for your company and photo retouching service then, how should you behave ignore it or respond anyway, lets see together what to do … How to respond to negative reviews from a negative review, get useful ideas for improvement first, you need to put aside the urge to respond with nastiness and arrogance and try to understand what may have caused a critical opinion of your business.

Responding eagerly or using a rude and inappropriate tone to a negative review could also result in the loss of some customers at your business, so beware of being impulsive , but lets try to understand how to use negative reviews to improve your business. A negative review, can well be confused with those that instead express positive reviews, it is known that the opinion of a single customer cannot undermine the reputation of a brand or a hospitality business .


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A recent statistic has brought out a very important

Data for those who manage an online business 68 of JPB Directory consumers expressed greater confidence in those sites where there are both negative and positive reviews. This data confirms that consumers are critical and do not believe it is possible that any. Business operating online can only obtain positive judgments. Still in the previous statistics, 30 of consumers expressed doubts or suspicions. About the truthfulness of the opinions, when they are all positive or enthusiastic, so critical opinions are welcome too. Customers who write negative reviews do not always have the express purpose of denigrating. The brand or the services offered, but they only. Want to make other users aware of what the companys shortcomings are.

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