How to Make Your Customers Remember

Storytelling is one of the most effective tools when it comes to strengthening the presence of our brand. The different strategies we have at our disposal allow the base of potential clients to increase over time, but when it comes to creating strong bonds, emotion is essential. The amount of messages, images and videos that constantly flow on cell phone screens shortens attention spans. How to attract the attention of our customers? How to increase the chances that our customers will stop in the constant habit of scrolling down on their screens? What guarantees that my brand will be remembered for longer? Among the different strategies. There is one that over the centuries has strengthened the way in which human beings remember information.

It is necessary to know how to ground it to current needs and the way in which our audience consumes information. Index of contents “Facts tell, stories sell” Why do we like to hear stories? Storytelling and marketing May your brand be a leader in Honduras Cell Phone Numbers storytelling Conclution: “Facts tell, stories sell” From the paintings of hunters in prehistoric caves to the present day, telling a great story has been the method that human beings have to transmit knowledge, values ​​and everything that is worth remembering. Storytelling is the art of telling stories. Good stories resonate in the minds of users more strongly than a number, a concrete statistic or abstract concepts.

Someone Once Asked Albert Einstein

What he did when he had a new idea, whether he wrote it down on paper or in a special notebook. Apparently, the scientist answered forcefully: “When I have a new idea, I don’t forget it” . Nothing more true: when something excites us as much as a new and interesting idea, it is almost impossible to forget it . What excites us is not forgotten , and it doesn’t matter if they are joys or disappointments. The brain retains these situations because the emotion that accompanies them activates the regions involved in the formation of memories, such as the hippocampus and the cerebral cortex.

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Why do we like to hear stories? Because a good story connects emotionally: whether through a photograph, video or in writing. It reaches the central part of human beings where the most important needs are seen. Heard and get our attention to later motivate us to take an action. Remember what is truly important, what is capable of moving us, because it activates the brain regions and hormones in us that will help keep that memory. A wise mechanism that we can help if we listen to neuroscience. Storytelling and marketing Capturing the attention of users is the central strategy in a hyper-connected world like ours. Storytelling is a strategy that can help your brand connect emotionally with your users and stand out from your competition.

From the Comfort of an Armchair

Your attention was captive and completely focused on the image and unless. You had the remote close to you, the message was delivered. Now, thanks to the Internet and mobile devices that are always with us, our way of paying attention has become more demanding. Attention spans are shorter thanks to “multi-screening” (you can watch your favorite series. On Netflix and surf on your cell phone at the same time). storytelling .“ The adoption of technology and the use of social media. Are empowering consumers to be more efficient in processing and encoding information through. Short bursts of high attention.” Microsoft Canada: Consumer Research 2015 Digital marketing will reach. A global investment of 306 billion dollars by 2020, (Revista Merca 2.0 Dec 2019); so the trend to build stronger relationships with users through digital platforms is clear.

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