How to integrate Facebook Live into digital

Have you noticed how Facebook Live videos are appearing more frequently in your news feed lately?Undoubtedly, brands know that attracting the attention of users is a challenge that has to do with the way they consume content and what they like to see on the networks. Index of contents A picture says more than a thousand words… and Facebook knows it. What do you communicate on Facebook Live? 3 Ways to Use Facebook Live in Your Marketing Conclution: A picture says more than a thousand words… and Facebook knows it.

Live content increases in popularity year after year and the statistics prove it more and more: On Facebook alone, people watch more China Phone Number 100 million hours of video a year. Engagement, that is, the level of interaction achieved with customers, is what most attracts brands: currently 1 in 5 videos is live. 78% of online audiences already watch video through Facebook Live. It is predicted that by 2020, 80% of online traffic can be linked to video. From the point of view of brands , when the image is in motion, the power of attraction is multiplied. In addition, the advantages are clear: Making live videos is cheaper, since it is not necessary to invest in the production and editing phases. Also, once the broadcast is over, the video stays on the platform so you can continue sharing it.

Live Streaming Is Attractive to Users

As it conveys spontaneity and authenticity. A live video can significantly boost the number of leads: users spend three times more time watching live videos compared to pre-recorded videos. Facebook LiveWhat do you communicate on Facebook Live? We will start by saying that it is not about going back to a kind of live “television”. The digital revolution has allowed consumers to have greater access to information and therefore they are more educated. Perceiving that a brand is authentic in its content is the first strength you can give your customers. Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO of VaynerMedia and author of 5 digital marketing bestsellers. Says it’s all about “documenting” when it comes to live streaming. Share what a brand can offer so that your customers know. That they are discovering a product that adds value to them.

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On the other hand, the opportunity that users have to react with. One of the six available buttons strengthens the importance of the dialogue between the brand and the client; it lets you know that your opinion matters and recognition is one of the most important values ​​a brand can offer. Facebook Live3 Ways to Use Facebook Live in Your Marketing Take your audience to those places they can’t go. Share content that helps your audience to be part of events or experiences. Which they physically cannot be, but they can be witnesses. Again, it is about allowing them to discover through your video what is relevant in your industry: a spontaneous interview; show them the unique details of an exhibition or fair or part of what makes your product or service different.

It Is to Bring to Your Video the “Backstage”

Mentality that by nature generates curiosity. Tutorials: We have mentioned that digital consumers are better informed than before. They know from the first interactions when a brand is really interested in adding value to its customers or when it is only trying to sell. Getting away from the monologue implies taking an interest in the needs of your buyer persona . Of course, it will depend on the type of industry you belong to, but if you manage to capture what your clients really want to solve in their day-to-day, a “how-to” transmission is one of those that generates the most engagement. Branding in your live streaming: Identify if your logo, colors. Slogan or the shape of your products present in your transmission and make it more memorable.

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